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Rachael & Kevin’s wedding for two at Happy Valley in Norfolk

It’s time to share with you my latest wedding of 2022! Welcome to Happy Valley wedding venue adorned with pine trees, ferns and foliage, situated in the middle of the North Norfolk countryside. A beautiful woodland wedding venue, where adventurous couples create their own amazing wedding! Everything on sight is so lovingly made, including a tree house set back in the forest for the bride and groom. This is also where Rachael and Kevin stayed the night before and got ready before walking down to the open outdoor ceremony amidst the trees together with their dog ‘Cash’.

Their beautifully intimate wedding couldn’t have been more perfect!

The day itself was filled with warmth with photo frames of loved ones and traditional German cakes and pastries. Rachael and Kevin are one of the most wonderful couples, I’ve had the pleasure to photograph inside and out! They welcomed me, made me a cuppa and cake in their treehouse and in general are just complete legends. Some advice that they were given by a good friend was to work out what matters most to them on the day and focus on those bits. They knew they wanted – Happy Valley as their Norfolk wedding venue and a small, intimate but equally beautiful wedding dedicated to their relationship was on the cards. I was so so so excited when they decided to book and even more excited when they told me they were having a Happy Valley Norfolk Wedding.

I love greenery and wildlife that’s no secret but I also love Norfolk wedding venues that are not like venues at all where people can run wild with their imagination and be themselves. Happy Valley is that place! It’s my pleasure to share these preview wedding images from Rachael and Kevin’s awesome day!