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Group Wedding Photography: What to consider on your wedding day

Are you looking for documentary wedding photography this extends to you group photos? A wedding is a wonderful celebration and probably one of the rare times that you have all of your family and friends gathered together with you both so it’s important that your you have a few group photos altogether…but does that mean you have to follow tradition?

There are a few things worth considering when deciding on a list of group photography. Group photos at weddings can be stressful for you and your guests, you worry that everyone should get photographed, then there is the actual organising of the requested shot, trying to persuade guests that don’t like having their photograph taken to participate, there are always a small number of guests on their mobile phones (usually hiding away at the back – you know who you are) and I had one MOB who refused to walk on dry grass in her brand new shoes. Guest co-operation is key especially if you have 80+ guests at your wedding.

Keep your group wedding photography list simple using this guide…

Q: Do you see or maintain contact with your wedding guest at least twice a month regularly and outside of work?

Me: Depending on your answer, if it’s No, then they as your guests most likely don’t expect a photo with the two of you unless its the main family or friends photograph.

Q: Our parents would like to add these photos

Me: Do you want them? It’s your wedding and time goes very quickly. If you don’t actually want them, can you meet in the middle by talking to your parents or in-laws explaining your priorities.

Q: How long does group wedding photography take?

Me: Very simply, reduce the number of requests = reduce the time involved for you and your guests…more time celebrating is the way forward!

Q: Do you suggest a list we could work from?

Me: This is the group list I offer to my clients as foundation, the general rule is the smaller the number of people involved the less time involved. My clients remove/swap and sometimes add one or two extra to suit.

  1. B&G All Family
  2. B&G All Friends and Work Colleagues
  3. B&G Grandparents
  4. B&G All Brothers & Sisters
  5. B&G All Parents
  6. Bride with Bride Parents
  7. Brides Parents
  8. Groom with Groom Parents
  9. Grooms Parents
  10. B&G Bridesmaids & Groomsmen
  11. B with Bridesmaids
  12. G with Groomsmen

Bride with Maid of honour and Groom with best man I personally choose to capture before your ceremony so these two photographs don’t need to be included in the above list.

GROUP WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY TIP: The must have ‘everyone shot’ why not split this into two… a photograph of all your family together and the second photo of all your friends and colleagues celebrating with you both? 

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Every wedding photographer in Norfolk will have their own preferred way of shooting group photos at weddings and I ALWAYS advise that if you do not wish to break tradition and forgo the formalities of group shots altogether. You carefully consider the must have photos that you really want and keep group shots to a minimum, under 10 is best. Any more than that and you can run into issues with your wedding timeline. Posed formal photographs most people wish to avoid on their wedding day, so I think that the key approach to group photos now is keeping them relaxed and the list short.

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