Commercial Photography


What is Commercial Photography?

Let’s start by defining commercial photography. As the name suggests, commercial photography involves taking photographs for business’ in order for the company or individual to be benefitted from a business perspective. The commercial photography subject area is very wide, anyone selling or promoting their business from taking photographs of their products or service is classed as commercial photography.

If you are selling a product, it’s extremely important to have high-quality commercial photography so that your customer is able to see what they’re after. After all, if your photograph is bad-quality, your customer is just going to click straight off the product and choose a competitor instead. Misrepresenting a product is also something that needs to be avoided as photoshopping a product too much will deceive the customer and there is a higher possibility of them leaving bad feedback- 22% of returns are due to the product misrepresentation. These are all reasons why you need a professional to determine what possibilities will give the best possible outcome for the customer… and in return, the business.

How does a photographer know what looks good?

I have got extensive knowledge and experience in commercial photography, if you want to see for yourself what I am capable of doing, have a look through the gallery on my website. I use a wide range of photography techniques and skills to take on different projects which are customised to your preferences.

What does commercial photography include?

- Fashion photography; This can be difficult as you have to enhance the clothes in the right and the best way for the brand as well as emphasising the models’ features in the best way possible.
- Food photography; humankind loves eating, so why would selling food through photography be difficult? The problem with this is that there are numerous competitors selling food that looks premium. There are tricks that professional photographers like myself use to help you find your photographic unique selling point to help your business grow.
- Location photography; business’ may want to take photographs of location to promote their business area (e.g. office spaces and venues).
- Portrait photography; This can be used for commercial photography and personal reasons.

What else does commercial photography include?

- Product photography; This involves capturing the product in its purest form and in some cases photoshopping the image to take out the original background for a white background. In some cases, if you are selling ‘artsy’ products, you may want to consider a background that coordinates with or complements the product.
- Environmental photography; This means capturing people in their work environment while performing their expertise (for example a masseuse)
- Architectural photography; This involves taking photographs of buildings either to show the architecture or to demonstrate the appeal of a property.

Let our photography skills demonstrate your business’ nature and accentuate what make’s you different from everyone else. If you want to know more about Neil Senior commercial photography, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we know you won’t regret it… it’s time for you to find out yourself. Contact us today for a quote.

Commercial Photography FAQ's

What is commercial photography?

Commercial photography is capturing the art of a product or service to sell to support an organisation grow and gain more customers.


What are your commercial photography rates?

This is all based on the amount of time it takes to finish the project and what equipment is desired. Contact us today to get a quote.


What if I need to reschedule?

If you cannot make the requested time, please let me know as soon as possible so we can arrange for a different date for commercial photography


Do you give tips on how to pose?

If you feel awkward in front of the camera, I will give you friendly advice on how to pose to make you feel and look comfortable.


What skills do you need to be a commercial photographer?

Many skills, tricks and experience are needed to become a commercial photographer. Some traits include creativity, patience and concentration, attention to detail, strong networking skills and team working skills.


What equipment is needed for commercial photography?

There are all sorts of different equipment that you can use for commercial photography. Mainly, a good DLSR camera, the right lens for your typical type of photography and editing software such as photoshoot is good to start. You can also buy a range of different products to help with capturing the right mood or mise en scene such as a tripod, lens filters, lens hoods, different types of lighting, 

What is the biggest challenge for commercial photographers?

One of the biggest challenges is how to see your clients vision and how to execute it so it is personal to them. This is something that commercial photographers learn to do overtime and by creating mood boards of similar photos their client likes so you are both on the same page.


What makes a great photo?

Many skills and techniques are used by photographers to create the perfect photograph. Sometimes trial and error, learning as you go along is the best way. However, if you have no clue where to start, there are some tricks of the trade that can help you create something eye-catching. Elements like lighting, the rule of thirds, lines, texture, patterns and colour can all play an important role in creating a good composition in commercial photography. 


How do you critically evaluate a photograph?

You need to consider the composition, substance, lighting, techniques, editing and subject matter. You may also want to ask yourself some questions about the photograph like whether the meaning is clear?


What is the purpose of commercial photography?

The overall aim of commercial photography is for the business to gain more leads from having better photographs. The photographer will work within brand guidelines and an approved shot list.


What is the difference between commercial photography and product photography?

In short, the main difference between commercial photography and advertising photography is the intent behind the photograph. The aim of commercial photography is to capture the real essence of a product, whereas advertising photography is to convince the customer that they want the product.

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